GRE Online Classes

GRE Online Classes at Povard Academy prepares students for GRE test via our dedicated online learning platform.

About GRE

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) measures your ability to succeed at graduate-school level studies, exactly like the SAT and ACT measure your ability to succeed at undergraduate schooling. Your score on the GRE is one of the primary factors used by university admissions officers for determining whether or not to accept you into their programs. .

GRE Exam Format

Developed by Educational Testing Services (ETS), the GRE exam has many similarities to the SAT. Both are now computer adaptive tests (CAT); no need to bring a pencil, pen or paper to the test site. In a CAT, you answer one question at a time; your answer to each question determines the difficulty level of the next question. As you answer questions correctly, the computer program increases the difficulty of your questions; when you answer a question incorrectly, the computer program provides another of the same difficulty or a slightly reduced difficulty. Eventually, the computer program determines your score based on the correct level of your skill in that area.

The GRE exam measures three skill areas:

  • Analytical Writing (2 tasks for a total of 60 minutes)
  • Verbal Reasoning (2 sections for a total of 60 minutes)
  • Quantitative Analysis (2 sections for a total of 70 minutes)

Available GRE Classes Offered:

  1. GRE Analytical Writing
  2. GRE Verbal Reasoning
  3. GRE Quantitative Analysis